Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts about diaper cakes?

Pin It Have you ever seen a diaper cake that you thought was "cute" but wasn't right for you? I have...many times. What thoughts run through your head? I know I always think things like...

There is too much!
I don't like the ribbon.
The colors don't go well together.
Man, that is cheap stuff on there.
Is she really going to use all that?

I can think of another few but rather than bore you with that, I'd rather hear from you. What don't you like about diaper cakes? See, that is important to me. That is the reason I don't want to just make cakes & sell them. I want to be able to customize the cake to fit your vision. For example, 1 of the cakes below (pink/black/white) was made to match the nursery which was in the same color scheme. Now, I probably could have scoured the internet for hours trying to find someone that had 1 already made but why waste the time. That is what I want to deliver to you. You tell me the colors you would like to see & I'll do my best to match that vision.

Let me throw out some ideas for you. You are going to a shower & you know the mommy-to-be went to University of Texas & she is having a little boy. Why not have me make a cake in burnt orange/white w/ a mini football on top? Maybe your friend loves Godiva chocolates? Why not make a diaper cake using some Godiva chocolates? How about if your friend is having twins or triplets & they are not all girls or boys? Then you need a cake incorporating pink & blue in a tasteful way.

My point is that I feel that a diaper cake can be much more appreciated by personalizing it. Talk to me, we will brainstorm together & make a beautiful cake!

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