Friday, November 28, 2008

Sometimes simple is best!

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I thought & thought & thought about what to put in the middle of that darn wreath & couldn't come up w/ anything. I did get some good suggestions but I couldn't invision them & when you can picture it in your head, it makes it harder. I finally decided that I would try to put ribbon across it that said "It's a boy!" & "It's a girl!" Remember that this wreath was for a friend of mine that just had triplets (2 girls, 1 boy). I think it turned out pretty well. I purposely put the ribbon slightly diagonal to give it a bit more depth. What do you think?

For the next wreath, I would like to sit a bear in the middle. I also think I will add more curling ribbon. I think it will make it look fuller & more colorful. I like to keep it simple. Sometimes there is just too much going on & it takes away from the whole thing. Simple = Elegant

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