Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crunch

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When I have time what is time and how do you get more,
I like to read blogs.
I also love Pinterest.

I found this wonderful, quick Christmas Crunch recipe at MADE.
I was in a pinch to make the kids' teachers and staff something for today's party.
This fit the bill perfectly.

Let's be honest.
Having triplets doesn't afford me much time for anything.
I can't craft much because it gets destroyed.
This is the tough part about their current age.

When I read the blog post for Christmas Crunch,
it was right up my ally.
And very quick to make.
15 minutes, tops!

This is what you need
1) Bag of pretzels (your choice of stick or regular)
2) Almond Bark (I used about 2/3 of the package)
3) M&Ms or any other candy choice
4) Wax Paper and cookie sheet
4) Cups or plastic bags (I purchased those cute cups at Walmart)

Let's get started!

1) Break up your bark and put in to a bowl.
2) Pop it in the microwave for about a minute.
Take out and stir, place back in for another minute.
(you may need to go a bit longer)
3) Stir together your pretzels and candy.

4) Pour melted bark in to pretzel and candy mix.

5) After it is good and mixed, place it on the cookie sheet w/ wax paper.
6) Place in fridge for about 30-45 minutes.

7) Once the mixture hardens, you can break up in to pieces.
8) And you are finished!

BUT, I want to go ahead & show you some more.
I found these cute printable tags at Heart Handmade UK.
Totally FREE.

Printed out those babies.
Got some curling ribbon.

Used some plastic self seal baggies to stuff the Christmas Crunch in.
And loaded up the cups.
Then I used some curling ribbon to tie on the gift tag.

Couldn't get any cuter.
Or easier.
And hey, for the price, ya just can't beat it.

Gotta also say that the teachers and staff LOVED receiving them this morning.

Now, go make yourself some.
Or make it a project with the kids.
Put it out for your Christmas party.


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