Friday, June 19, 2009

The WinnerSSSSSS are...

Pin It Yep, you see that SSSSSSS at the end of Winner, right? That means I couldn't help myself! I have 2 winners & then a couple of "extras" to give away!

Caralyn ~ You are the winner! The 2 bows you want are yours!

Dawn ~ You are the 2nd winner! The 2 bows you want are yours!

Traci ~ The bottom bow is for your sweet little girl!

Kirsten ~ The top bow is for your sweet little girl!

Amanda ~ The bttom bow is now your sweet little girl's!

Ok, for the rest of you, I'm willing to offer a discount. I WISH I could give you all at least 1 bow. I really, really do. What I would like to do is offer you the 2nd bow at 1/2 price. These bows only run $3-5 so you would be getting a great deal! I can get them to you in time for the 4th of July as well.

Thank you all for participating!


Kirsten said...

Thanks so much and I can't wait for my little one to wear this!! Kirsten

Dawn said...


Thank you so much. I know the girls will be happy and they will look so cute!! If you send me an email, I will send you my address. After the 4th, I will send you a picture of the girls!

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