Friday, May 15, 2009

Time for another give away!

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Jump in to summer w/ these to very colorful bows for your sweet girl or a special girl in your life! Both bows are approximately 3.5-4" in length. Both will be attached to an alligator clip.

What do you have to do to win? Go visit my website at & give me some constructive criticism on how to make it better by leaving a comment here. I will pick a winner a week from today on May 22nd! Please remember to leave me your 1st name & a way to contact you if you win. Thanks!


Angie - said...

Hey Astrid!

I thought I would jump in on your contest, weather I win or not, I thought I would try to offer some help with the site!

I can't even being to imagine how you manage to blog, make all these crafty wonderful items, run an online business, AND take care of your beautiful babies! I would go insane!

My best suggestion is to "pretty up" the SIGnature Creations website. Make it look more cute, pretty, fun - more YOU. Your blog Surviving Triplets and the Divine Diaper Creations sites are both so YOU. It seems to me the other is lacking in your personality.

So to get to the point: Format, format, format!

Maybe one of your wonderful mommy friends could help you design a logo, or a background?

Either way - keep on rocking! :D

Jenn said...

Hi Astrid-

I love all your stuff! I've browsed through your website a few times looking at all your things.

First- I don't know if this is possible but my suggestion is to have the pictures so you can click on them and see them bigger (like you can on your blog). All of your stuff is so pretty and detailed, it would be nice if you could look at the pictures bigger to see the details more clearly.

Second- could you put some pics of babies wearing the tutus and/or bows? Just so people can get an idea of what they look like on.



Cheala said...

Hi astrid, I follow your blog because your kids are ADORABLE, and I love your stuff sofar!!

The only things I can think of are to make the website a little more person. Add some color and some fun stuff! Also, I would stock up on photos of stuff you can offer. Weather its the ribbons you have available for customs, or more of bows you have ready to order. Another thing, how about an area for people that order your bows and stuff to leave comments on how great they are. Maybe include some pictures of the items on, then people can see more how they will look on the kids. The last thing is maybe more details. Details about the clips, or the ribbons used, the colors and all of that kind of stuff. I have no experience with this stuff though!

I know you are very busy with this and your kids and stuff, but just an idea of what I think might help. I think you are doing great!

Here's my name in email just in case I win!

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